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The third stage of Perimetras was marked with a crash and a podium for CFMOTO Factory Racing Team.

The third stage of Lithuanian Baja – Perimetras was held in Pabrade this Saturday. This time, the location of the race was utstanding – it was in a military ground CFMOTO Factory Racing Team delegated its ATV driver Adomas Gancierius and the duo of Darius Biesevicius and Audrone Kanapkiniene with their SSV to participate in the race.

With each stage, CFMOTO Factory Racing Team was surprising its fans with a renewed structure in SxS class, which is becoming more and more popular in Lithuania. This time it was not Antanas Kanopkinas, who sat behind the wheel of CFMOTO ZFORCE 1000 SPORT SSV, but one of the best mechanics in Lithuania Darius Biesevicius, who has been participating in rally for over 10 years, and has also been responsible for upgrading the SSV. Road book was read to him by Audrone Kanopkiene.

An overall of three speed sections were ahead for nine participants of this class. CFMOTO Factory Racing Team finished the first speed section in the fifth position before falling into the last place. This happened after an unfortunate event of severe crash with another vehicle.

“The first speed section was going rather well for us as we managed to overtake a few vehicles. Although we did not make any serious navigation mistakes, at the end of the speed section, we turned the wrong way, which cost us at least one position. We did not break anything and started successfully in the second speed section; however, there we managed to make one navigation mistake and although we noticed it immediately, while turning around, another vehicle, which was also going wrong way, crashed into us. During the event, the steering-column was damaged, and it significantly loosened. After about 20 kilometers and a crash into a pit, the steering-column was completely broken; therefore, we didn’t manage to complete that section and had to return to the bivouac.

The mechanics replaced the column and in the third speed section, we started from the last position. Everything was going smoothly there, we were racing well with no mistakes, and even managed to overtake one vehicle after a few kilometers. However, the power suddenly went out and so we were left standing in the forest. We sat on a stump and stayed there waiting until someone comes to collect us like mushrooms”, Audrone Kanopkiene commented an ever-changing course of the race.

The day was going smoother for another CFMOTO Factory Racing Team member Adomas Gancierius. He finished 2 speed sections among the 3 fastest participants and after the 150 fighting kilometers, he maintained the second position in ATV class

After the finish, atv pilot stated that That he had no technical problems or major navigation mistakes.

CFMOTO CFORCE 1000 ATV’s problems and severe navigation mistakes.

“The speed sections were fun. In the first speed section, I did a few minor navigation mistakes and was behind the first position by 7 minutes. After the first speed section, mechanics had some work to do as the front chassis had been hit a few times. In the second speed section on the other hand, I finished first but it turned out that I had missed one road point and thus received a five-minute penalti In the third speed section I started first and made a few navigation mistakes; however, I am happy with the final result, which is a second place in ATV category, said Adomas Gancierius.

The Perimetras race in a militaryground f Pabrade was a great excersice for CFMOTO Factory Racing Team before the Rallye Breslau race in Poland.

The participants will have to face another military ground yet much bigger where they will have to overcome speed sections of hundreds of kilometers each day. Rallye Breslau race will start on September 14 and will last for a week.



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