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The third day of the rally showed nails - both pilots of CFMOTO Team barely reached the finish line

The Dinaric rally turned into the second half, and the third day of the rally required the athletes to give all their strength and reach the limits of quad possibilities. On the third day of the rally, the participants had to cover more than 400 kilometers, 357 of which were the speed section. The track stretched through the mountains, so we had to experience differences in height and frequent ascents and descents.

After the finish, Mindaugas Skudutis did not hide that he came back very tired - according to him, the route was more like an enduro competition: "All day there were uphills and downhills. Huge, everywhere you go is littered with stones. There were almost no sections where you could run just flat out. Yesterday seems like an easy ride compared to today."

The track was also difficult for quads - both rear tires punctured on the track. The CFMOTO Thunder Racing Team athlete managed to repair one on the track, while the other exploded leaving a hole the size of a fist, so the remaining 50 kilometers had to be finished with three healthy wheels. M. Skudutis says that very steep mountains were waiting at the end of the track, so the ride drained all the remaining strength.

Gaetan Martinez was also not without adventures on the track - in the fourteenth kilometer, the Frenchman, while overtaking a rider through the dust, drove into deep ruts and had a rollover: "Even several parts of the chassis broke, and it took me about two hours to repair them before I returned to the race. The first part of the course was very rocky and hilly, the second part of the course was faster, but before the finish we had a slow route again. Overall it was a good day, I reached the finish line, but now I need to rest."

On Thursday, athletes will have to cover 405 kilometers and climb to a maximum altitude of 2299 meters. The organizers promised that rocky and difficult tracks with steep uphills and downhills also await on this day. It is true that everything will be complicated by the fact that it is the first day of the marathon - the mechanics will not be able to help repair the equipment after it.



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