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The second day of the rally took an unexpected turn: only two members continued the race

The second day of the rally in Croatia promised to be long, difficult, but, as the organizers said, memorable. True, it became memorable for the quad racing team for completely different reasons, because as soon as it started, everything took an unexpected turn and one of the team members had to withdraw from the race and even visit the hospital.

"Mistakes cost a lot. We made a technical mistake in the morning, because of which I lost some time in the liaison and wanted to make up for it. I took a risk by speeding and it didn't work out - I collided with a car. A few broken bones, scratches, but everything will be fine. Now I will have to lie in bed for a few days", said Antanas Kanopkin and mentioned that the most important goal now is to get back in shape before the upcoming round of the World Championship in Morocco.

The other two team members finished the day without major problems, although the difficult roads, high heat and long route became a challenge for both the machines and the drivers.

"A long and difficult day. It was also very hot, the temperature reached almost 40 degrees. A big challenge for everyone. Everything went well for me and I had to overtake motorcycles all day. I passed over 60 of them in total, which is quite a lot of work," said Gaetan Martinez, the newest member of the CFMOTO Thunder Racing Team.

Mindaugas Skudutis said that he had more challenges during the day - one of the shock absorbers exploded in the first half of the track, and 25 kilometers before the finish line he had to wander while solving the organizers' riddles in the road book: "I don't know whether it was on purpose or not, but everyone was wandering in that place, driving through grandma's yard, although it was not necessary at all. I lost about 20 minutes there, it was a bit demotivating, but good that it was at the end of the day. Anyway, it was a fun ride all day, a lot of sarpantines, uphills and downhills. Of course, fatigue is felt, the heat takes its toll, but we are here and moving on."

On Wednesday, the participants will also have a long and hot day that will require concentration and endurance. In total, more than a hundred participants started in this rally, but every day this challenge becomes surmountable for not everyone.



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