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The remaining CFMOTO Factory Racing Team fights for the podium

The Breslau rally continues in Poland on Thursday, where the Lithuanians CFMOTO Factory Racing Team also started. SSV crew withdrew from the fight after an engine breakdown on Wednesday, but the ATVs continue to perform.

The ATV pilot Adomas Gančierius said that the fourth day of the competition was characterized by an extremely high average speed. In contrast to the military Drawsko Pomorskie training ground, there is less navigation for pilots in the Gwda Wielka.

“The day was not difficult in terms of navigation because there were a lot of tracks made by trucks. There were not many places to get lost. The first speed section was 56 km on Baja type roads. It was already possible to get lost in the second speed section. I saw confused opponents looking for the right way. I didn't make many mistakes myself, so everything went well. By the way, in the second speed section we were hit by heavy rain, we got soaked completely. I didn't damage the ATV, I didn't bring much work for the mechanics. We are preparing for another day, "said Adomas Gančierius.

The ATV pilot and team manager Antanas Kanopkinas added that the fourth day of the Breslau Rally was a success for those whose vehicles have lots of power. Lithuanians today did not have a speed advantage over their competitors, so they had to compensate for the lack of speed with accurate navigation.

"In the first speed section there was a real engine power competition, so we gave up to the competitors. I thought we would go down even more, but somehow we didn`t. In the second speed section, there were a lot of changes in the road book, most of the pilots made mistakes, we caught back the lost time. Today was a real nervous competition, I fought with myself because we are in a good position and do not want to abandon them, ”said Antanas Kanopkinas.

On the fifth day of the Breslau Rally, another 180 km of speed sections await the participants. So far in the ATV class, Antanas Kanopkinas is ranked second, and Adomas Gančierius is in fourth place.

Unfortunately, the duo of Darius Biesevičius and Audronė Kanopkinienė, who competed in the SSV class, were forced to withdraw from the race. After a night speed section, their buggy suffered an engine failure. The team mechanics were still trying to breathe life into the buggy, but the miracle did not happen and the crew did not continue the race.



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