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The prologue of the Breslau Rallye is done - the athletes are preparing for Monday's start

This Sunday, the 30th Breslau rally started in the western part of Poland. More than three hundred athletes lined up at the starting line, including three athletes representing the CFMOTO Thunder Racing Team. On Sunday, the participants had to overcome a nine-kilometer prologue, based on the results of which Monday's starting list will be made.


"Fun day, same prologue as last year. The only thing that is new is that we have a lot of new stuff on the quad - I mean the navigation. Today's main goal was to learn how to use this new equipment and that goal was more or less achieved. Today there is time left to rest and prepare for tomorrow's normal race start", said Antanas Kanopkinas.


For CFMOTO Thunder Racing Team this is the sixth start in this rally, and this year it is unique in that the team is represented by racers from three countries. Englishman Guy Graham joined A. Kanopkin and Frenchman G. Martinez this time. Before the start, he said that he wants to participate in this type of competition and he wants to do it with this particular brand. The athlete has experience in a different type of quad competitions, so he does not lack speed - the main challenge will be to cope with the challenges of navigation. By the way, they are extremely difficult in the Breslau rally.


Six sporting days awaits the competitors, during which they will have to drive an average of 150 kilometers. The competition takes place on military training grounds, where the road network is extremely dense, which makes navigation very difficult. Already on Wednesday, the first day of the two-day marathon stage awaits the participants, during which they will have to cover much more kilometers.



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