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The penultimate day of the rally: gave all they have in the special stages

The Breslau Rally is approaching the finish line, but the athletes can't relax one bit. On Thursday, they had to overcome two special stages, the total number of kilometers of which reached almost two hundred. After two days of rain, it finally stopped and the participants remembered again what it means to ride in the dust. The athletes of the CFMOTO Thunder Racing Team had different experiences of the day: one had to deal with navigational challenges, the other with technical and physical challenges.

Mindaugas Skudutis was basically satisfied with how the sports day went: "Today was a pretty good day. In the first part, nothing special happened, we managed to deal with the navigation successfully. Second, the longer part, which was about 90 kilometers, already had a lot of dust. It was lucky that I didn't have a lot of competitors in front of me, so dust didn't get in the way too much."

M. Skudutis says that the highlight of the day was the very difficult navigation on the military training ground, where many roads collide, and the areas are extremely sandy: "After losing navigation, I returned to the reference point three or four times, and more athletes were lost in the same place. When I found the right direction, several other competitors followed me, but because of the dust, they fell behind after a few turns. After another ten kilometers, I made a very stupid mistake myself - I misread the indicated kilometers in the road book and looked for a turn in the wrong place. I stopped, went back a few corners, wasted a few minutes. But everything is fine, I'm looking forward to tomorrow."

For another member of the team, Antanas Kanopkinas, the adventure began even before reaching the start: "Extraordinary day in the rally. A faulty battery in the morning caused damage and I failed to start on time, which is likely to get us a fine. I gave 100 percent of myself in the special stage and it was not a right decision. When I reached the first finish of the day, I was completely out of energy and needed to recover it as soon as possible - I ate chocolates, drank lemonades."

In the second special stage, A. Kanopkinas also drove at maximum pace, so this also affected the quad: the exhaust broke, the bottom protection was damaged. The athlete says that despite the difficulties of the day, he is happy with the result and the experiences he got. The special stage, he said, was extremely technical.

The last sports kilometers await the participants on Friday, after which the final results will be announced. For now, the athletes of the CFMOTO Thunder Racing Team are confidently holding the fifth and sixth places in the quad standings.



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