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The night stage of Rallye Breslau started chaotically: half of the participants got lost before the start

Thursday in Poland was probably the longest day of the week for the athletes competing in the Rallye Breslau - in the morning participants had to overcome 300 kilometers, half of which consisted of special stage, and in the evening the night stage awaited them. The CFMOTO Thunder Racing Team drivers say the real drama started before the stage start when the rain hit and chaos broke out among the competitors.


"This year I managed to complete the night stage without any problems - just a few small mistakes. Only at the very beginning, even before the start, there was chaos: it started to rain, we didn't get time cards, I got lost at the liaison, but probably half of the participants did that. I even came to the start from the other side, but I hope that everything will be fine because of that", said Antanas Kanopkinas after finishing the night and mentioned that he liked the racing part of it and did well on the track, and he also managed to maintain his concentration while driving at night.


Gaetan Martinez also got lost in the liaison before the start, but as he says, nothing terrible: "There were a lot of motorcycles in front of me after the start, so I rode carefully, but at the same time fast enough to pass them one by one. Yes, halfway through the speedway, I was left alone and lost in the dust. I didn't make any mistakes on the course, but I got lost again on the way back to the bivouac, but it's okay. I'm glad to be back in the bivouac."


Today, the athletes will have to cover a 180-kilometer special stage on the Drawsko Pomorskie military training ground, which is characterized by a network of extremely dense roads. In such stages, the ability to solve navigational challenges is far more important than the ability to drive fast. There are only two days left until the finish of the rally, but the participants do not have the luxury of relaxing.



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