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Rally Morocco completed: both drivers of CFMOTO Thunder Racing Team crossed the finish line

The rally week in Morocco has finally come to an end - although the start was difficult and did not promise the rally to be easy, the finish has finally been reached. In five days, the athletes covered more than two thousand kilometers, which consisted of extremely sharp stones, exhausting dunes and gravel roads. For many, this rally ended much earlier - each day presented its own challenges, and fewer participants reached the finish line than stood at the starting line in the morning. The drivers of the CFMOTO Thunder Racing Team are happy to have successfully completed the entire route, with the only loss of the rally being a bunch of flat tires.

As soon as he crossed the finish line, Mindaugas Skudutis said that this day was one of the easiest in the rally: "We finished! Everything is fine, probably the most successful day - I didn't have any surprises or dangerous situations. At the beginning of the day, we drove through the dunes, which is physically exhausting, but at the same time it motivates me. Then we got both fast and rocky sections, so I rode carefully because I didn't want to have any more unwanted adventures on the last day. In the end, the tires are healthy, the quad is healthy."

The athlete was happy with his first finish in a world-class competition and said that he saw and learned a lot, but also found out how much more he still needs to learn.

"It's a good feeling to start in the same competition together with the most famous names of this sport. It's a very good experience and feeling to be here", said M. Skudutis.

Another athlete of the CFMOTO Thunder Racing Team, Gaetan Martinez, also did not hide his joy after successfully completing the Morocco rally: "Today was a short day, but it started with dunes so big that I managed to climb one only from the third time. Other than that, everything went great today."

Speaking about the whole week, the Frenchman said that the Moroccan stages were difficult, and perhaps the most memorable were the extremely sharp stones: "In summary, I really enjoyed the rally and I hope to be able to come back here next year and fight for the podium."

According to the preliminary results, Mindaugas Skudutis took 9th place in the quad classification, Gaetan Martinez - 5th. In the World Championship classification (W2RC), respectively, M. Skudutis remained sixth in his class, and G. Martinez even climbed to third place.



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