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The first part of the fourth day is done - athletes are preparing for the night challenge

Rallye Breslau is drawing to a close if looked on the calendar, but that doesn't mean the athletes can relax. On Thursday, the participants had to overcome a long and difficult speed stage, consisting of several sections, but after returning to the bivouac, they will have only a few hours to rest - at ten o'clock in the evening local time, the 60-kilometer night stage will start.


"Today was already a long day - we had to drive several tens of kilometers to the start, followed by a 30-kilometer stage and another fifty kilometers in liaisons. In total, we drove about 150 kilometers in special stage and about the same number in liaisons. The tracks were interesting, stretching through forests. Lots of roots, bumps, hills - I really liked it. Navigation was difficult at times, but managed to find the right path without making mistakes. All in all, a good day," said Gaetan Martinez, and was preparing for the night start.


Antanas Kanopkinas said that he started Thursday in a worse mood than usual, and the goals of the race had to be adjusted a little: "This morning we looked at the published results and had to wipe away the tears. There was nothing more to do – I concentrated and drove on. I needed to pass the rivals to be as close as possible to Gaetan for the night section and the rest of the days. This is necessary so that if something were to happen to Gaetan, I would be as close as possible and could help continue to achieve the result. Despite this situation, it was a good day."


On Thursday evening, the athletes will start a night sprint, and on Friday they will face a 180-kilometer stage on the Drawsko Pomorskie training ground, characterized by a extremely dense network of roads, which means difficult navigation.



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