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The first kilometers of the Breslau rallye have been covered - there are plenty of navigational

On Sunday in Poland, a large group of Breslau rallye participants crossed the starting line - before the upcoming "working week" of the rally, they had to overcome a prologue of more than 27 km and the first special stage of almost one and a half hundred kilometers. Athletes of the CFMOTO Thunder Racing Team finished the first day successfully, and were satisfied with quads‘ performance.

After finishing, Antanas Kanopkinas said that this rally met racers as usual: "The first day was like what we are used to here: tank roads, a lot of dust, errant navigational tasks that we managed to solve - so everything is really good so far. The quad also drove properly, we had no temperature issues. As we have set out to do, we are looking for the best technical solutions, and so far it seems that we are on the right track to find them.”

Mindaugas Skudutis, who started the Breslau rally for the first time, was also optimistic at the finish and said that he was satisfied with the start: "I'm in one piece, the quad is in one piece - the day was good. After the prologue I was in the top ten, which is a good enough situation because there were good navigators in that top ten. After start I caught up with three motorcycles, so we rode together for several tens of kilometers."

The athlete mentioned that at the start of the wide and fast sections of the track, the motorcycle riders were faster and moved away from him. However, M. Skudutis managed to maintain his pace and also cope with the navigational tasks. Halfway through the route, the two CFMOTO Thunder Racing Team riders met on the track and arrived at the refueling area together. They also reached the finish line almost together.

The team is in an adventurous mood before the upcoming race week, but at the same time they keep their focus - before the rally, they have set themselves technical tests and improvement of the equipment as their main goal. It is important, says A. Kanopkinas, that the quads are ready for any possible challenges that may occur during the stages of the world championships.

On Monday, more than a hundred kilometers await the participants on one of the largest military training grounds in Europe. Athletes who have already been here know that you cannot relax for a moment while solving navigational tasks here.



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