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The Dinaric rally is over - the quad team showed a confident pace

Just finished Dinaric Rally will go down in the history of the CFMOTO Thunder Racing Team as one of the most challenging, but even after all the trials, the team can be happy with the results. The athletes who competed since Monday finally crossed the finish line on Saturday and could rest easier, because there was no shortage of challenges even on the last day, when they had to overcome just over 70 kilometers.

Mindaugas Skudutis said that on the last day he followed the previously proven tactic of riding together with his teammate: "We met in the first kilometers and since he said that it was difficult for him to ride in dust, I rode second - I ate a lot of dust, but everything is fine. We drove together all the time. Just before the end, there were some technical problems and the pace dropped a bit, but the overall result did not suffer.

The route was also not easy - it seems that the organizers deliberately added difficult points where it was easy to make a mistake. Also, the track was very stony and uneven. A short but efficient stage - that's what many expected."

M. Skudutis took the fifth place in the overall standings, where almost a hundred participants reached the finish line. The athlete says that he is more than satisfied with the result. Another member of the team, Gaetan Martinez, finished seventh overall and also says he is happy with the achievement.

"I started 30 seconds after Mindaugas and soon caught up - we drove the entire route together. Everything was going great and without any hiccups, except for a flat tire on my quad a couple of kilometers before the finish line. But we didn't stop to change it and we reached the finish line with flat. The Dinaric Mountains are very difficult and dangerous, but at the same time very beautiful. The race was a very good experience", G. Martinez said after the finish.

For the Frenchman, it was his first race with the CFMOTO Thunder Racing Team, after which he was full of praise for the entire team: "The media team is always friendly and does a great job. The mechanics have also done an impeccable job, it's a good feeling to get on a quad every morning that feels like it's new again. It was also nice how others received us - I felt at home."

The next challenge for the CFMOTO Thunder Racing Team awaits in Morocco on October 12-18, where the World Championship round will take place.



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