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The crew of the CFMOTO Factory Racing Team overcame the 350 km "Perimetras" challenge

The CFMOTO Factory Racing Team successfully finished four days and 350 km in a challenge offered to the participants by the organizers of the "Perimetras" race. The duo of Darius Biesevičius and Adomas Gančierius had a number of adventures during these days, but eventually adorned themselves with finish medals.

On the last day, the organizers planned two speed sections. The teams had to cover a total distance of 80 km without visiting the service area. However, the crew of the CFMOTO Factory Racing Team did not need any services. The CFMOTO ZFORCE 1000 Sport buggy withstood both sections and brought the tandem of Darius Biesevičius and Adomas Gančierius to the finish line.

"The last day is both interesting and strange. We finally finished in the "Perimetras" competition. This is a good achievement for us. The first speed section was fast, technical and a lot of fun. And in the second speed section, there was a mistake in the road book - wrong marking. We wandered there for about half an hour.

Today, like all other days, we had an engine overheating problem. We couldn’t hit the peak pace, but all in all it was fun. We raced from the start to the finish and we are satisfied with that. Interesting race "Perimetras". Although the speed sections are relatively short, you can find everything in them. "The competition is very good," said Adomas Gančierius, who read a road book to Darius Biesevičius at "Perimetras".

The "Perimetras" presented a number of surprises to the CFMOTO Factory Racing Team. Already during the first speed section of the prologue, the crew experienced two rollovers in ten kilometers. I once had technical problems replacing a torn CVT belt. Eventually, however, the team reached the finish line on Saturday and received their medals for finishing the competition.



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