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The CFMOTO Thunder Racing Team is heading into another race – this time with a trio at the starting

The racing team with ATVs has set out for another competition, which will be held in Croatia. The Dinaric Rally will take the participants through the most difficult terrains of the region, and according to the organizers, the most strength and concentration will be required for the navigation, difficult special stages that will continue throughout the week, but everything will be given additional color by the incredible views of the Balkans.

In total, more than a hundred participants on motorcycles, ATVs and side by sides from all over the world will line up at the starting line of this race on August 20th. As many as three athletes will carry the flag of the CFMOTO Thunder Racing Team in this rally - Antanas Kanopkins and Mindaugas Skudutis were joined for the first time by the French athlete Gaetan Martinez. The team members say that they are looking forward to the first start with their new colleague and hope that it will help them not only to achieve even higher results on the world stage as a team, but also to improve their individual abilities by sharing experience.

"Traditionally, before the competition, we have all kinds of technical improvements - without them, probably, without progress, we can't even imagine our competition calendar. For us, every competition is a search for some news and improvements. This time we installed new frame reinforcement points, we will try new paint on some components. If all this works out, we will tell you more later", A. Kanopkinas said about the upcoming competition and mentioned that one of the most important goals in this competition is to test the final design of the fuel tank, which will be used at the world championship stage in October, in Morocco.

"We have a lot to do in the Balkans. It is necessary to test how G. Martinez will do with the CFMOTO technique, it will also be additional kilometers for Mindaugas while accumulating experience in long races, and I also always need to check my psychological and physical condition. Also, of course, all other team members gain experience in every race and thus prepare for the most difficult competitions ahead", said the athlete and mentioned that the experience of all team members and a better understanding of each other contributes to the overall result and even the places earned in the special stages.

It is true that the team's truck, Hans, will also gain experience - the Dinaric rally will be another test for the team's temporary house on wheels, which accommodates sleeping places, a kitchen, and a quad service. Like the quads, this team member gets minor or major improvements after each rally.

The team will race in the Balkan Mountains on August 20-26.



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