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The CFMOTO Racing Team, which won the dust fight in the Breslau Rally, is preparing for the night

The Breslau Rally continues in Poland, with the CFMOTO Factory Racing Team competing. On Tuesday, the day was extremely difficult for the participants due to the slowly dissapearing dust, but the team managed to finish without losses. On the same evening, Lithuanians are waiting for the night speed section.

Audronė Kanopkinienė, a co-driver in the SSV buggy class together with Darius Biesevičius, said after the finish that the day at the Drawsko Pomorskie military training ground was very difficult. The track was completely ruthless to the vehicle and participants - the Lithuanians saw a number of accidents and incidents, but they avoided the problems themselves and finished successfully.

"Another two speed sections done. I did well, despite the fact that I drove with a standard road book, not with a "roll". It was very difficult to navigate, but we didn’t make mistakes. Darius also showed a good pace as much as was possible while driving in the dust. Today we ate dust not only for breakfast but also for lunch. A lot of participants were left standing on the track. The track was really difficult, a lot of dangerous places. There were also accidents. Not only buggies but also cars and trucks stopped. When the sun goes down, a night section of speed awaits us, so we are preparing for it, ”said Audronė Kanopkinienė.

ATV driver Adomas Gančierius also agreed that the second day’s speed sections at the military training ground were certainly not an easy ride. Sometimes it was not only difficult to navigate, but to drive on the roads already covered by many other participants.

"Very good first leg for me. I made no mistake anywhere and led most of the participants after myself. But just before the finish, I got lost and lost about fifteen minutes. The second speed section was very challenging, I even counted the kilometers when it would end. The road after cars was rally damaged, it was hard to drive. Many participants broke the vehicles, fell. I can say with confidence that this year in Breslau is really Mega difficult. It is a very difficult rally for both us and the organizers due to the large number of participants, ”said Adomas Gančierius.

Team rider Antanas Kanopkinas, who is also racing an ATV, claims that there will never be a long rest after two speed sections on Tuesday, because the teams are waiting for the night speed section tonight.

“Two speed sections are complete. There is a lot of difficult navigation this year and we are starting to realize where we are in this race. Everyone is very strong, so the fight will be fun. After this day, we managed to bring vehicles with no damage. Now we are installing additional lights and preparing for the night speed section, where we hope to avoid unpleasant situations , ”said Antanas Kanopkinas.



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