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The CFMOTO Racing Team, which has arrived in Poland, is preparing for the start in Breslau rally

The Rallye Breslau competition will start in Poland next week. It has gathered a great deal of interest from racers this year. There are over 300 participants in the starting list, and the name of the CFMOTO Factory Racing Team can be found among them. Lithuanians who came to Poland have already settled in the first camp and are waiting for the start of the race.

As always, the formalities were carried out before the start - the administrative and technical commission. After receiving the start number stickers, the racers had to present their vehicles to the commissioners to make sure everything met the technical requirements of the race.

The first speed sections for the CFMOTO Factory Racing Team are waiting on Monday. This year, the participants of the Rally Breslau competition will first have to race at the Drawsko Pomorskie military training ground, and the second part of the competition will take place in the vicinity of Gwda Wielka. In previous years, the order was reversed.

"Yesterday we successfully passed the technical check. The organizers managed really well with the huge number of participants. Bivouac is very large. Tomorrow we will have two speed sections of 80 km and about 60 km of crossings. According to the road book, the first day will be challenging, a lot of driving by degrees. Tomorrow, our goal is to get in shape and not make the mistakes we made in the first days of this rally in previous years, ”said team pilot Antanas Kanopkinas.

The CFMOTO Factory Racing Team delegated to the Breslau rally the crew of the SSV - Darius Biesevičius with Audronė Kanopkinienė and ATV pilots Antanas Kanopkinas and Adomas Gančierius. In total, participants will have to cover more than a thousand kilometers during this race. Most of them are speed sections.



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