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The CFMOTO Racing Team duo is preparing for the decisive Day of race "Perimetras 4x4"

On Friday, the CFMOTO Factory Racing Team overcame two more sections which included really fast tracks, the total length of which exceeded one hundred kilometers. This time the crew of Darius Biesevičius and Adomas Gančierius avoided both - mistakes and technical problems and is now concentrating on the last day of the competition. There will be a new challenge - two speed sections without the help of mechanics.

In the first stage of today, the crew of Darius Biesevičius and Adomas Gančierius, racing in the CFMOTO ZFORCE 1000 Sport buggy, showed the 12th time in the SSV class, and in the second stage - 15th. According to the team navigator Adomas Gančierius, this time they managed to maintain a stable pace and avoid mistakes.

"The first section was characterized by diversity - slow twisty roads were replaced by fast sections and vice versa. We also had a dangerous situation in one place. After landing from the jump we went towards the trees, but Darius managed to keep the buggy on the road."

The second speed section was superb. Really fun and technical, lots of twists and turns, narrow everywhere. There was something to do - both for me as a co-pilot and for Darius at the steering wheel. Everything went very well for us. Still, a kilometer before the finish, we made a big mistake, but it turned out that there was an error in the road book, so we didn’t waste precious time in terms of the result. Time will be counted down to the wrong turn in the book, ”said Adomas Gančierius.

On Saturday, CFMOTO Factory Racing Team awaits the last day of the competition. It will be a little different than before. The two speed sections, with a total length of 80 km, will have to be covered one after the other, without the possibility of returning to the service area with the mechanics. However, the team does not dramatize the situation - Darius Biesevičius, one of the best mechanics and car designers in Lithuania, is sitting at the steering wheel of the buggy.

"Everything was fine today, the vehicles withstood it. The engine sometimes gets a little hot, but we’ve already come to terms with this and we’re picking the pace accordingly so as not to overheat. Although there will not be an opportunity to stop by the bivouac tomorrow, we know how to do everything ourselves. It is important to have needed tools and parts, and I really carry them always in the buggy, ”said Darius Biesevičius.



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