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The CFMOTO Factory Racing Team stood on the podium in Breslau rally

The all-week-long Breslau rally ended in Poland on Friday. In it, the participants had to cover over a thousand kilometers. This year, a record number of participants took part in the competition - more than 400.

However, the CFMOTO Factory Racing Team, in which one of the ATV drivers Antanas Kanopkinas won third place, managed to withstand the fierce competition. Although the competition was really difficult for both Antanas Kanopkinas and the whole Lithuanian team, and the mechanics also had a lot of work and sleepless nights, the hard work was crowned by the Lithuanian tricolor raised on the podium. In the final standings, Antanas Kanopkinas finished third.

“Third place among all those great opponents, factory-supported teams is very honorable. We are very satisfied. There really was something to do. This is something hard to believe now. Winning third place here with CFMOTO vehicles is like climbing to the top of mount Everest. The mood is really great, and when we return home, we will plan where we will continue to raise our flag again, ”said Antanas Kanopkinas.

The last day threw an adventure for the other team’s ATV driver Adomas Gančierius. He had to fly on three wheels to the finish because the ATV’s rear suspension arm broke.

"In the first speed section of the day there was a distance of 97 km. Lots of forest roads that I crossed without navigational mistakes. Everything went well. We have finished before our opponents, but not much. The second speed section was a failure for me. At the 23rd kilometer the suspension arm broke. I finished maybe 57, but I reached the finish. I drove about 30 km without a rear wheel. I failed to climb the podium this year, so I will definitely try again next year. I am very happy about Antanas. As a team, we have shown that CFMOTO can achieve really good results, ”said Adamomas Gančierius.

In the final standings of the ATV class, Adomas Gančierius was ranked fifth. The duo of Darius Biesevičius and Audronė Kanopkinienė, who started in the SSV standings, were forced to stop halfway through the competition due to engine failure.



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