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The CFMOTO Factory Racing Team is preparing for their debut in the Albanian Rally

The Rally Albania competition will take place in Albania on June 5-12. During the

week-long marathon, participants in the categories of cars, motorcycles, ATVs

and motorcycles will race Albanian desert. The name of the CFMOTO Factory

Racing Team is also on the list of participants. The team delegates its entire team

to Albania.

Both atvs of the CFMOTO Factory Racing Team - Adomas Gančierius and Antanas

Kanopkinas - will travel to the Albanian Rally. Darius Biesevičius and Audronė

Kanopkinienė will also start here. The duo will drive SSV. According to the head of the

team Antanas Kanopkinas, it was decided to go to Albania after the organizers declared

that it would be the most difficult Rally Raid competition. Once again, the team that took

part in competitions of various formats abroad decided to check the promises of the


"We have not been to Albania. It will be interesting to see how difficult it will be, because

judging by the photo and video material there's a lot of stones, riverbeds and water. I

think the terrain will be something like the Hunt The Wolf race in Romania, and we have

been there many times. However, I don't think there will be such difficult tracks like in the

Hunt The Wolf competition. It is a Rally Raid format, so there will be higher speeds,

”Antanas Kanopkinas shared his thoughts.

The Albanian Rally is scheduled for seven race days. One of them will be dedicated to

the prologue, and all the other days participants will face really serious challenges and

long distances. The marathon section, which will have to cover 700 km and spend the

night separately from the mechanics, promises a lot of intrigue. In total, participants will

have to cover over 1,500 kilometers per week.

"Before the Albanian Rally, we checked not only the racing equipment, but also the

technical condition of service vehicles and media cars of our team. The Auto Spot also

found minor issues that have been taken care of. The media team pickup truck will also

be there to help if mechanics need to get to us in difficult to reach places. This is heavy

artillery and we have no doubt about its necessity from the experience we had in

previous competitions.

As for the improvements in race vehicles, there have been some. The most important

thing is to make everything work. We had about 100 km of tests. We received new toys

for ATVs from friends in Finland - "Vauhti Varikko" and "Performance by Sercap". From

them we received new parts to improve engine power. In the short run, everything

works, everything is fine. We will now be able to test this at greater distances. In each of

our competitions, there is not only competition but also component testing. After them, it

becomes clear which solutions we continue to use, which need to be abandoned or

improved, ”said Antanas Kanopkinas.

From Lithuania to Albania, the whole team will travel by land, so the first challenge will

be to cover a distance of about 2500 km to the start of the competition.



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