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The CFMOTO Factory Racing Team duo returns from Sahara with the Fenix Rally Medals

The Fenix Rally, a six-day race, ended in Tunisia on Friday. There were 1,100 kilometers waiting for the racers, which compiled of different kinds of terrain - dunes, sand, plains and rocks. Both drivers of the CFMOTO Factory Racing Team overcame the distance and finished with medals - Adomas Gančierius won second place in the ATV class. Antanas Kanopkinas crossed the finish line in fourth place.

First finish in Africa

After the finish, Adomas Gančierius did not hide his emotions and claimed that the rally was really difficult. The last day of the race was not much easier, where the participants were waiting for just over a hundred kilometers in the dunes. After the Sahara sun, the Lithuanian managed to keep a cold mind and he returns to Lithuania with the second place award in the ATV classification.

"I`m really happy. First rally this year, first time in Africa, first finish and second place in class. Good emotions. Thank you so much to this team. Without all these people, there would be no result. Thanks to everyone who supported me. Greetings to all. We are bringing the medal to Lithuania.

Anyway, I was expecting a much easier rally. The rally was difficult in both technical and navigational terms. Especially the last day. We thought the last day would be easy, but there was a lot of navigation involved. But we are here, we are at the finish, and we have a medal, which we won together with all the partners and the "CFMOTO" vehicles, "said Adomas Gančierius, who was sprayed with mineral water" Vytautas " by team members after the finish.

Reached the finish line even after the accident

Antanas Kanopkinas, another member of the CFMOTO Factory Racing Team, also reached the finish line. He had a chance to climb the third place, but on the fifth day of the rally, his hopes were shattered into the rocks of the Sahara Desert. However, the racer did not give up on the sore sides and the CFMOTO CFORCE 1000, which was damaged but repaired by mechanics, reached the finish in fourth place in the ATV standings.

“I can say that for the first time in Africa and we reached the finish. That is the most important thing. But we still have some business in the Sahara unfinished, so I hope we’ll be back here next year. We got to know Africa, we learned what dunes are. It is an invaluable experience and we will now know how to prepare for next year. We will be back here again, ”said Antanas Kanopkinas, who was wrapped in Lithuanian flag after the finish.



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