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Team to start in Poland: "This time we will show everything that used to stay behind the scenes"

Very soon, in the western part of Poland, in the city of Zagane, the jubilee, thirtieth, Rallye Breslau competition will start, where more than three hundred participants will stand at the starting line. Among them are three CFMOTO Thunder Racing Team quads - this is the team's sixth start in this competition.


The upcoming competition promises to be difficult - there will be two marathon stages and one that will be held at night, extremely difficult navigation and great competition will only spice things up. And while the sporting goals remain the same as always, this time the team is ready to reveal to the fans what little has been talked about until now.


"This time we will try to show not only the rally, but also how it’s life goes: what we eat, when and where we go to sleep, what kind of work we do after the finish and before the start. After all, it's how we live and spend our free time. In this way, everyone will be able to understand even more clearly and accurately what that rally life looks like and how much can fit into it", said Antanas Kanopkinas before leaving for Poland and said that he hopes that people would be interested in seeing the raw part of rally life.


Guest in the team


This time, A. Kanopkinas, Frenchman Gaetan Martinez and British Graham Guy, who will start together with CFMOTO Thunder Racing Team for the first time, will carry the team's flag across the starting line.


"We have a guest who wants to learn the rally raid discipline, wants to participate in such competitions and wants to do it with CFMOTO. This athlete already has experience in Hunt The Wolf competition and many other local championships. We are very happy that the geography of the team's pilots is expanding", commented A. Kanopkinas and said that, as always, he hopes to have a good time with the whole team.


Already on Sunday, the participants will start in the prologue, and throughout the coming week they will compete various stages. The organizers promise that, on average, the participants will have to overcome about 150 kilometers in special stages each day.



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