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Team after day two in Breslau: "It was dangerous on the track today"

On Tuesday, the participants of Rallye Breslau had to work hard - the stage that started almost in the afternoon became a real challenge. The one-and-a-half-hundred-kilometer track was laid out in such a way that the athletes repeatedly had to follow the participants of other classes, which meant that they inevitably had to overtake in the thick dust. The athletes of CFMOTO Thunder Racing Team successfully reached the finish line, but unlike the first day of the rally, they will not have an calm evening with a book in their hands today.


"A lot of dust. The track was going almost in circles several times in the same place. On one of the last laps, we encountered cars and buggies on the track, which is very dangerous. They make a lot of dust for us, and we do the same for them. I'm happy to finally reach the finish line. There were some spicy situations, so I hope not to be penalized. In this rally, it is very easy not to collect the necessary points or to receive penalties for speeding", said Antanas Kanopkinas and told that it is still too early to talk about the result.


After reaching the bivouac, Gaetan Martinez also spoke about his challenges on the track: "It was a very difficult day - there was a lot of dust on the track. I didn't notice the speed limit in one place through the dust, so I think I'll get a penalty for that. During the day, we cathed up several slower racers, which were difficult and dangerous to overtake. Nevertheless, things turned out more or less well. I'm at the finish line, the quad bike is in one piece, one more day is done."


On Wednesday, participants will start in a marathon speedway named Hannibal. The teams will also move to the Drawsko Pomorskie military training ground, where bivouacs will be located and further stages will take place. About 135 sports kilometers await the participants on Wednesday.



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