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Started Dinaric Rally confidently: athletes will have to adapt to extremely difficult conditions

Europe's strongest racers are spending this week in the mountains of Croatia, where the Dinaric Rally started. The organizers promise that athletes will have to overcome extremely difficult tracks and at the same time enjoy breathtaking views. After the first day, all three athletes of the CFMOTO Thunder Racing Team recorded excellent results in the overall standings.

Antanas Kanopkinas said that after passing about one hundred kilometers of the first day, almost nothing was left of the tires due to the extremely difficult surface consisting of rocks and stones: "The tires were simply destroyed in the first hundred kilometers. Technically everything is fine, our mood is also great. We look forward to the coming days."

Mindaugas Skudutis, after reaching the finish line, shared his impressions and said that the day was fun, but he will have to get used to different roads: "A lot of stones, a lot of sharp corners. A slight deviation to the side and the tire may be gone, so we have to drive carefully. I was also surprised that when the road book says slippery, here it does not mean wet, as is usual in many places - slippery here means that the rock is full of small stones, so the slippage is much greater. There were difficult and dangerous situations, but everything turned out well in the end. The day was generally fun and went by quickly."

The newest member of the team, the Frenchman Gaetan Martinez, said that first of all he had to get used to the new technique and the characteristics of the road: "Everything worked perfectly - I enjoyed every kilometer. The views are very beautiful and the tracks are extremely slippery. But in the end we overtook a lot of motorcycles and the day went well. Today was good, and now we're looking forward to tomorrow."

In the general standings, G. Martinez is fifth after today, A. Kanopkinas is seventh, and M. Skudutis is in eighth place. The mechanics of the CFMOTO Thunder Racing Team will still have time to check the most important parts of the quads, change the tires and prepare them for tomorrow - the rally will gain momentum and the athletes will have to cover almost 400 kilometers.



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