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Speed fiesta in the Sahara continues: CFMOTO Racing Team pushes to the limit

Although when you hear about the Fenix Rally in Tunisia, you can immediately imagine the never-ending Saharan dunes, but for the time being, the organizers of this race are stingy. For the second day in a row, the speed sections are characterized by extremely high speeds and straight sections, and the hard surface of the track is more reminiscent of Baja or classic rally competitions.

We did not take the risk blindly

Adomas Gančierius, a pilot of the CFMOTO Factory Racing Team, said that in the first stage of today's speed section there were no difficult navigational challenges, and the dust raised by the opponent who started in front of him helped him to orientate in the desert. The second part, according to the athlete, was even faster, with the appearance of small heaps of sand that were truly insidious.

"There were places where incidents could easily happen. I was already heavily tense in two places. Probably the same feeling was felt by others as they came to the dead end at very high speed. If the first part was fast, then the second - even faster. 154 kilometers and full throttle all the time. There were a lot of small dunes that constantly beat my ATV. This stretch of speed required a lot of endurance, especially on the arms and legs. But everything is OK. Gradually, we are moving towards the goal, ”said Adomas Gančierius, who finished the third day of the Fenix Rally in second place in the ATV class.

True, not all ATVs were successful in this speed section. In this class, pilot Tomas Mickus fell off an atv and was injured. He needed medical help, so a helicopter was summoned. Antanas Kanopkinas, another pilot of the CFMOTO Factory Racing Team, who passed the scene of the incident and saw medics with the college , hoped that everything was fine for the Lithuanian.

Bent rear A-arm but did not notice when

According to Antanas Kanopkinas, in the first speed section of the day, he enjoyed the ride and made only one mistake, but also took other pilots behind him. According to the racer, who has not ridden an atv for some time, the body is already getting used to the load, so he is getting better and better with each passing day.

"If my kilometers were the fastest yesterday, I would take back my words. Today was completely full throttle day. The most important thing was not to lose focus, because hitting a hole is easy. For one ATV, that’s probably what happened and he fell. I saw medics with him. Anyway, we drove most of the track in pair. I tried to overtake my opponent, but was greeted with a rain of small rocks. I will go count the bruises from those rocks. But all is well, we are at the finish. The mechanics will have to work to check and prepare the ATV. I’ve seen that the rear a-arm is bent, but I don’t know when or where it happened. I didn't feel it. Ordinary work on the vehicles is waiting for us, ”said Antanas Kanopkinas, who showed fifth time in the ATV class today.

On Wednesday, a marathon speed section awaits the participants of the Fenix Rally, after which it will no longer be possible to get help of mechanics and the riders will spend the night in a remote bivouac, sleeping in tents. On the fourth day of the rally, participants will have to cover two speed sections with a total length of more than 170 kilometers. After the night they will be racing for another 130 kilometers.



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