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Second day of the Morocco Rally: "The day compared to yesterday was perfect"

More than two hundred athletes started on Sunday in the second sports day of the Morocco Rally. On Sunday, almost 400 kilometers were waiting for them, 296 of which were the speed section. The athletes of the CFMOTO Thunder Racing Team said after completing this course that compared to the challenge they faced on Saturday, this one was much easier.

Mindaugas Skudutis experienced a lot of difficulties on the track yesterday - he had to deal with a frayed electric cable and repair countless holes in quad tires. After such a day, he says, Sunday was really good: "Compared to yesterday, the day was perfect. At the beginning I punctured one tire, so apparently fate wanted to warn me not to relax, even though I was already driving carefully. After that I drove even more carefully and everything continued to go smoothly. There were dunes and I really liked them – it was the first time for me driving through them. I also overtook a lot of motorcycles there."

The athlete mentioned that although the day was smooth from the sporting side, the large number of kilometers required a lot of physical strength. Another CFMOTO Thunder Racing Team rider, Gaetan Martinez, also said after finishing today that everything went smoothly.

"A total of four hundred kilometers today - it was a good day, the tracks were very different. Lots of rocks at the start, followed by dunes and fast sections. It was really interesting to drive. Everything went well – both myself and the quad returned to the finish line in one piece and that’s good," G. Martinez said with a smile and said that tomorrow, due to the stones promised again by the organizers, they will have to take special care of the tires.

On Monday, the athletes will have to cover 106 kilometers in liaisons and as much as 333 km in the special stage. According to the information provided by the organizers, 100 percent of the surface of the track will consist of stones. Judging by how much damage they managed to do to the athletes in the previous days, Monday can be particularly difficult.



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