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Second day at Fenix ​​Rally: CFMOTO RACING TEAM Member gets himself a birthday gift

The athletes started their working week on Monday in Tunisia in the third stage of the Fenix

​​Rally. On Monday, they had to cover a 168-kilometer special stage that stretched through

one of the national parks, with organizers promising difficult sections for both driving and

navigating challenges.

The athletes of the CFMOTO RACING TEAM team said that Monday's track was really

difficult, but it was possible to pass it without much difficulties.

"A long and interesting day. While marking the road book yesterday, I saw that there would

be a lot of dunes and riding by degrees, but I didn't expect so many dunes since the start at

the morning - the first 150 kilometers were just them, ”said Adomas Gančierius, who

managed to finish second in the ATV class and lose only to his teammate.

The racer said that the day was tiring and that he could not maintain a high speed

throughout the stage, as it was always necessary to drive carefully, because mistakes could

mean rolling over in the dunes: "We overtook many enduro motorcyclists and one

competitor with an ATV from France."

Birthday gift on the scoreboard

Antanas Kanopkinas, who is celebrating his birthday today, said after the finish that the day

was not bad and at the same time managed to make a great birthday present to himself -

today the man took first place in his class. A. Gančierius, who came in second place, was

only a minute behind him, and the Frenchman, who was in third place, was more than ten

minutes behind. Both Lithuanians now share first and second places in their class.

"The day was hard, as Adomas said, but all is well. We made a small mistake in one place

and lost about five minutes, but the results show that others made either more mistakes or

just drove slower. We feel good ourselves, and the equipment is doing great in the dunes,

"A. Kanopkinas said after the finish.

The man also said he was happy with the capabilities of their ATVs: "Where power is needed

- there is enough of it, and where speed is needed, there is enough as well."

Two speed sections are waiting for athletes on Tuesday, and this day will be the second

longest in terms of the number of sports kilometers - participants will have to cover as many

as 268 kilometers of the speed section and almost 70 km of liaison in the Sahara Desert. In

the first stage, the dunes will be waiting for the participants, and in the second stage, the

organizers promise more gravel roads - the athletes will start and finish in the bivouac

located in Douz.



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