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Second and very long day in Greece: "Overheated brakes and a broken rubber part - everything else was great"

In the Hellas Rally Raid in Greece on Tuesday, the athletes had to cover almost 300 kilometers on slippery mountain tracks. On the first day of this competition, the drivers of the CFMOTO Thunder Racing Team found out that the tracks are slippery and adjusted their driving accordingly, so this, one of the longest days, did not present any unpleasant challenges.


"Another day is over. I lost a little, then had to make up for lost time. In summary, it can be said that the quads returned in perfect condition. The only damage done is a punctured rubber on the rear half-axle. And, it is possible that the brake discs were overheated. Everything else looks healthy. Now we mark the road book and prepare for the next day", said Antanas Kanopkinas after reaching the bivouac of the second day and said that several competitors have not yet reached the finish line, but one Yamaha racer is determined to seriously fight for every second.


Gaetan Martinez, who also successfully reached the finish line, said after a long day that everything was basically fine: "Everything was fine. After starting, managed to maintain the same position for almost the whole day. The tracks were very narrow in places, with large stones next to the road, so extra caution had to be taken. All in all, a great day for me, no special events. Maybe it's just that forty kilometers ahead of me there was a motorcycle that I couldn't overtake - I lost a little time there, but nothing significant. We are preparing for tomorrow."


On Wednesday, 128 track kilometers are waiting for the athletes, and they will have to overcome about two hundred in total per day. According to the organizer, in some parts of the track, they will have to watch out for wild animals that may cross the track. For the team, the main goal in this rally remains to successfully reach the finish line and objectively assess the dangers on the track.



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