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Rallye Breslau is halfway through - A.Kanopkinas says that today was not his day at all

The athletes who started on Monday have already covered half of the sports days of Rallye Breslau. Today the entire caravan of participants moved from the town of Zagane to the Drawsko Pomorskie military training ground in the north, where the competition will continue. The third day of the rally did not shy away from difficult moments and the pilots of CFMOTO Thunder Racing Team, after reaching today’s finish line, said that being in the bivouac now is the greatest reward for them. In total, the participants had to cover a 160-kilometer special stage, then 165 kilometers in liaisons and another 60-kilometer stage.


"It was not my day. Lots of bumps and mistakes in them. Also made some navigational mistakes. I am pleased to finally be at the finish line. Basically, everything is not bad, the quad is intact. And as for the results... we will count them in a few days", commented Antanas Kanopkinas after a long day.


His team-mate Gaetan Martinez said after the finish that this day was more interesting than the previous ones: "Unlike before, today the track didn't go in loops, so we got more different tracks and conditions. The second stage was already held at the Drawsko Pomorskie military training ground. And although this place is very familiar to us, there were difficult navigational moments. Many have made mistakes - it will be interesting to see the results. I finished without major mistakes, so I hope we can see that in the results."


On Thursday, the participants will have a long, 180-kilometer special stage on the military training ground, and in the evening, the legendary night section of Rallye Breslau. Participants will have to cover more than 60 kilometers there. A large amount of dust and difficult navigation in the shadow of the night will turn into an even greater challenge, testing the experience and preparation of the athletes.



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