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Rally Albania's wound are healing and CFMOTO Racing Team prepares for Breslau rally

One of the largest Rally-Raid competitions in Europe - Rallye Breslau - will take place in Poland from June 28 to July 2. A record number of participants will start here this year, and the name of the CFMOTO Factory Racing Team will be on the starting list.

For the CFMOTO Factory Racing Team, the last month has been very intense. The team only recently returned from a week-long march in Albania. Both pilots and technicians needed endurance there, so now the main goal of the team is to lick the wounds and prepare the ATVs and the buggy for combat mode again.

According to team member Antanas Kanopkinas, who won the Rally Albania competition in the ATV class, there is a lot of work on vehicles. However, the health of the other ATV pilot of the team, Adomas Gančierius, is more worrying, as he has had an incident in Albania and is still feeling arm pain.

"The Albanian rally" really "hurt" the whole team really. When they returned, all the team's technical support cars required repairs - damaged suspension and the air conditioner stopped working. We truly thank Autospot for rebuilding the cars after such difficult trials in Albania. When it comes to racing, Samsonas Motorsport is redesigning its shock absorbers again because we're looking for the best settings. In Albania, the buggy was damaged the most and took the longest to rebuild.

Adomas Gančierius ATV has already been rebuilt after the crash, but the condition of his arm is troubling. He is still in pain. Whether he will be able to travel to Breslau will be decided in the last days. I also had a cold, got sick and layed in bed for a few days. Audronė is also psychologically tired after Albania, but is already recovering. In a word, the whole team is exhausted, "said Antanas Kanopkinas.

The Rallye Breslau competition in Poland this year will be the most numerous in the entire 27-year history of this event. More than 400 participants will start here in different categories. By the way, this year the organizers have slightly changed the format of the event and the participants will be treated first by the military training ground in Drawsko Pomorskie, and in the second part of the competition the teams will move to Gwda Wielka. In the past, the action was carried out in reverse.

"51 ATVs, 96 buggies and over 50 motorcycles will start on monday. Also a lot of cars and trucks. This time the race will start at the military training ground, where major navigational challenges will await immediately. In addition, on the very first day we will get there a night speed section, which used to be normal as we approached the end of the race. Later we will go to the forests near Gwda Wielka. A total of 1,500 kilometers are waiting for us, ”said Antanas Kanopkinas.

According to the CFMOTO Factory Racing Team, the team's goals are to reach the finish line safely and without injuries. The fight for the positions will be really difficult this time around, as the starting list looks very menacing - from champions from different countries to Dakar racers.



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