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Race logistics: the team builds whole complex on the wheels

Although at first glance, watching a race seems to be all about the racing, there are many components to a successful start and finish, not least of which are the logistical decisions, which in the world of racing come in many forms. The CFMOTO Thunder Racing Team, which has been racing very actively in international rallies for several years now, covers thousands of kilometres going to, during and coming back from the events, and thanks to this experience, they have been very clear about their team's needs and have started the production of a new member of the team - the truck.

"Our aim is to turn the truck into a multifunctional unit that will not only carry spare parts and the quads themselves, but will also provide a comfortable working space for our media team, with four working places. The truck will also accommodate eight people to sleep, have a washing machine and a coffee machine," said quad racer Antanas Kanopkinas.

The truck will have enough space for all team members to store their belongings and the roof will be able to carry enough spare tyres, he said. There is also the possibility to attach a trailer if there is not enough space inside the truck.

"The truck will be divided into four areas: the spare parts area, the service area, the media work and sleeping area, and the fourth and final area for storing all the items, for washing, and there will be a mini-kitchenette," said A. Kanopkinas.

In fact, although the truck looks smaller than it should when all the spaces are listed, it is special because it has a hydraulic system that allows individual parts of the body to move sideways when truck is parked, thus creating a few extra square metres of space inside. There are also hydraulic lifts at the rear and sides of the truck to help move some of the heavier units or the quads themselves.

The sportsman says that Hansa Service in Germany helped to assess the technical condition of the truck before purchase. This service network will, by the way, also carry out the maintenance of this multi-purpose complex on wheels, as the routes to almost all international competitions pass through Germany.

"This truck has been used by firefighters in the past, and we asked for a thorough inspection by several technicians before preparing it for our trips. We didn't have to carry out any major repairs - just oil changes and other scheduled services and minor maintenance work. The team is happy that the purchase was successful and exciting," he continued, adding that this addition to the team only makes them look forward to the upcoming races next year.

A. Kanopkinas also said that this addition to the team required him to go back to school himself, as he had to pass the relevant driver's category. He joked that this not only expanded his racing comfort but also his personal career opportunities.



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