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One of the longest speed stages successfully completed, but a rescue helicopter had to be called

The organizers of the Moroccan rally promised the participants a difficult Monday - out of the four hundred kilometers that the athletes had to cover, 333 were the special stage. Although the distance does not seem intimidating, according to the organizers, the course should have consisted mostly of stones, there were also some fast sections. CFMOTO Thunder Racing Team pilots successfully reached the finish keeping their quads safe.

Having already encountered extremely difficult conditions on the first day, Mindaugas Skudutis said after Monday's stage that he was able to enjoy today: "The longest speed stage in this rally, where from the first kilometers my greatest fear was about the tires. Every time I looked at them and saw that they were not empty, I felt a sense of bliss. Anyway, everything is fine, it was a great ride and surprisingly, I feel much less tired today than the previous days. I drove at a good pace until the last kilometers, obviously taking care of the tires. It's true that no matter how careful I was, I punctured one tire ten kilometers before the finish line, but it didn't affect the result."

The athlete mentioned that at 211 kilometer in front of him he saw a cloud of dust, and in it - a rider who had just fallen. After stopping by the athlete who had an accident, M. Skudutis, together with another rider, called an emergency helicopter through the system provided by the organizers and waited for it to arrive: "It crashed quite hard - even the helmet split in half. We talked with him until help arrived - the athlete was conscious, but after a strong hit. We spent 10 or 15 minutes there, and only after the arrival of the medics and permission did we continue driving."

When finished Gaetan Martinez also shared his impressions of the day: "At the beginning the course was very rocky, and then we came to faster sections and small but breaking dunes. They were followed by a section of a very difficult surface, which required a lot of strength and did not allow for fast riding. As the icing on the cake, the long and fast sections await at the end of the course. Today‘s track was very mixed, but I'm happy to return to the finish without any unexpected adventures."

On Tuesday, the athletes will start in the city of Zagora and head towards Merzouga, where the finish arch will await one more day later. In the fourth stage, participants will have to cover 422 kilometers, including a 343 km speed stage. It will consist mainly of gravel, but sand, dunes and the already terrifying Moroccan rocks are expected as well.



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