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Monday in Breslau Rally: first rollover and unexpected traffic on the track

On Monday, at the Breslau Rallye, one of Europe's biggest off-road rallies, racers had to cover 150 kilometres, 145 of which included a special stage. It was a hot and dry day, which made it difficult due to the dust caused by other competitors. The CFMOTO Thunder Racing Team riders said at the finish line that Monday was not an easy day, but their racing spirit was not dampened by any minor setbacks.

Antanas Kanopkinas said that the search for the optimum settings for the quad is a made in try and fail way, so sometimes one or another parameter is not made in the right direction: "It was a difficult day, the navigation was deceptive. Yesterday quadwas fine, but we decided to adjust it a bit more. The adjustment was made in the wrong direction, so today the technique wasn't as dynamic and the pace was different. At the same time, both the result and the mood were according, but I'm glad to have gathered some useful information, and we didn't do anything bad at the track either. We will keep going."

The rider said that today, for the first time in several years, the exhaust system completely blew. The situation has to be resolved before Tuesday's start, so the mechanics will have less time to sleep.

Mindaugas Skudutis, returning from a hundred and fifty kilometres in the sand and forests, said that the speed was good today, the navigational challenges were handled well, but he had a few adventures on the track.

"It was a fun, long, dusty and hot day. We started early, so we haven't got that much heat yet. From a sporting point of view, it was good as well. There were a lot of difficult navigational spots, but I think I got everything right and shouldn't get any penalties - yesterday I got three points for not taking waypoints," said M. Skudutis.

Also, he had to meet unexpected transport at the track: "Tanks started driving around the course, so in one place they came out of the side road in front of me, and in another place I had to overtake them on the course. It's a spectacular sight and not something you see every day. However, it didn't end so well - I got a bit distracted with reading the road book after passing this section. I slowed down to try to track where I was going, but there was a deep pit and I had a rollover. It's a good thing I'm okay - me and the machine are fine. Looking forward to tomorrow."



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