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Hell in paradise: CFMOTO Thunder Racing Team finished the first day of Rally Albania

With just one week to go before the much-anticipated Rally Andalucía, the organisers had to

cancel it due to the extremely high risk of fires, but CFMOTO Thunder Racing Team made an

instant decision to start the Rally Albania and are already setting a fast pace there. The first

day of racing on Sunday provided a full range of experiences for the participants and

reminded them that racing in the mountains is an incredible challenge.

On Sunday, the athletes had 358 kilometers to cover, 240 of which were speed sections.

While this may seem like an average day in Dakar Rally terms, the athletes pointed out that

even the liaisons between the bivouac and the start/finish are on mountain roads, which

also require concentration and fatigue.

Snow and heat on the same day

Antanas Kanopkinas, who won in last years Rally Albania quad category, said after the first

day that he had already had some adventures: I got a bit lost in one place, so I rode an

extra ten kilometers. In the mountains you should calculate distances differently, so it's a

lot, but the most important thing is that we reached the finish, and Albania gave us

everything on the first days.

The athlete said that he had to ride over a wide range of surfaces, from asphalt and gravel

to large rocks and crushed stone. There were also extremely different natural elements,

such as rain and snow and 35 degree heat.

It was a tough first day, but it's time to recover in the evening, go to bed early and start

fighting again tomorrow; summed up A. Kanopkinas on Sunday. The racer is third in the

quad standings after day one.

Another CFMOTO Thunder Racing Team rider, Adomas Gančierius, who is second in the

quad standings after the first day, also said that the day was not easy.

The first day was, I would say, hell in paradise. Its a paradise because of the scenery, but

because of the heat it's a real hell. It was already over thirty degrees at six in the morning,

and in the mountains there is no wind in some places, so it feels like there is no oxygen at

all. It's very exhausting, quot; said A. Gančierius.

The quad rider said that despite the challenges by nature itself, the day was fun and without

any losses or breakdowns. There was one minor navigational error, but this did not prevent

the second place.

On Monday, the riders will start and finish in the same bivouac on a 190-kilometre looping

stage. The route for the second day of the race will take in the northern part of Albania,

near the borders of Montenegro and Serbia.



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