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First day of the race: CFMOTO RACING TEAM are happy about the start and talks aboutfirst challenges

After completing all the necessary pre-start procedures the day before, the athletes crossed

the start line at the Fenix ​​Rally in Tunisia this Sunday. A large number of participants

embarked on a seven-day challenge in the Sahara Desert, and on the first day they not only

had to cross the official start podium of the rally, but also two special stages. In total,

participants covered 577 kilometers on Sunday, of which 107 km were speed sections.

Athletes said that the organizers took care of a difficult challenge from the first kilometers.

CFMOTO RACING TEAM rider Antanas Kanopkinas spoke after the finish that some of the

competitors were already facing technical problems in the first section, which was only 25

kilometers long: "An interesting day. The first stage was on the beach, so the sand was very

viscous and the machinery were heating. We heard that the other participants had the

variator belts broken - we managed to save them, but we changed them immediately after

the speed section."

Another team racer, Adomas Gančierius, agreed with Antanas and said that the main task of

this speed section was to keep the belt in one piece, as it had to undergo extremely heavy

loads due to viscous surface: "The temperature sometimes reached more than a hundred

degrees, which is already a dangerous limit when the belt can explode. So I drove as calmly

as possible."

Physical and navigational challenges

Speaking about the second speed section on Sunday, which began after more than 350

kilometers liaison after the finish of the first section, A. Kanopkinas spoke of a completely

different terrain. The first part of the section consisted of gravel roads, where it was

possible to drive at maximum speed, and in the second part there were small dunes, only a

meter high, but there were many of them.

"It was a very difficult part physically, maximally laborious. If I had to ride in such dunes all

day, I wouldn't imagine how someone would be taking me off the ATV," A. Kanopkinas joked

after the finish, saying that he was satisfied with the result, and that he would increase the

pace little by little in the coming days.

Speaking about the section with dunes, A. Gančierius also mentioned that bigger navigation

challenges had started here and he was satisfied that he managed to overcome them

without any mistakes. Both athletes said they are still adjusting some ATV settings after

each speed section in order to discover the most appropriate setup for the rally.

After the first day, A. Gančierius is third among the ATVs, and he is only 14 seconds behind

the second place. A. Kanopkinas ranks fourth after the first two speed sections.

On Monday, participants will be greeted by a 169-kilometer special stage and just under 50

kilometers of liaison. For the next four days, participants will live in the same bivouac, so

they will have to cover more special stage kilometers and fewer liaison distance all these




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