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Fenix Rally 2021: the route

A mix of sand and fast “pistes”, plus marathon stage for the inaugural desert race

As almost all competitors reached the base camp of Fenix Rally 2021 in Douz, the will now prepare to face the 6 days of challenge during the race, which will start Sunday morning (14th March). In the “menu” there are almost 1100 km against the clock, as the route will offer a mix from sand, dirt tracks (or “pistes”) and the well known “dinettes” of the Sahara desert.

Fenix Rally will start with LEG 1, named “Sandy Touch”, which, after a small starting ceremony in Douz, will lead the convoy at the city’s stadium for camel races. Instead of camels, of course, 104 racing vehicles will tackle their first 135 racing kilometers in the desert. Here, the competitors will face the first sand and small dunes, although the biggest part of the stage will be compounded from gravel and sandy roads.

The second day of the rally will offer 2 special stages and the start will be near the Jebil National Park. As the name of the first stage is “Park ride” it will not be a safari but a 113 km loop with good quantity of sand and dunes, as well as sand pistes. After a remote service park, Fenix will continue with the 73 km “Sahara toaster” stage, which will guide the caravan back to Douz.

Leg 3 of Fenix Rally is named “Cross country” and the name is very suitable: this will be the fastest day with hard terrain and many long straits. But the participants must take care for the tricky navigation. Over 260 km of SS, with 107 for the first part and 154 for the second one.

On the 4th day of Fenix Rally 2021, the participants will face the first part of the marathon stage. Before that, they will have 102 km special from Douz and remote service. In the afternoon, and 70 kilometers more, the teams will reach a Bedouin camp in the desert where will be self service work for the vehicles and a night under tents.

The second part of the marathon stage will be very fast on a flat terrain, but after those 96 kilometers, there will be a mountain crossing section on the way to Douz. Almost 130 kms, with curved tracks, climbing and descents are in the menu.

The final stage of Fenix Rally 2021 will be a perfect mix of pistes and dunettes. After the last 110 kilometers, it will be clear who will be the first crowned winners of the rally.



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