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Difficult Breslau finish: had an accident, returned to the finish towing each other

Since last Sunday, more than two hundred athletes have battled and raced each day, not only against each other, but also against navigational challenges and, most importantly, themselves. The Breslau rally is known to the athletes as one of the most difficult challenges of the year, and it was no different in 2023 - half of the rally stages were washed by heavy rain, and the athletes had to navigate the other part while driving in dust. Despite all the difficulties on the track, the athletes of CFMOTO Thunder Racing Team successfully reached the finish and secured places in the top five of the quad classification.

After crossing the finish arch of the rally Mindaugas Skudutis, with his characteristic calmness, said that the day was very good, except for one episode, after which he had to return to the finish line being towed: "The mood is great - it's a good feeling to be at the finish line. And as for the day, everything went well. The main rival, who was trying to take my place, started a minute after me, so because there was dust on the track, he couldn't overtake me. After 20-30 kilometers I caught up with Antanas and then a feeling of peace came over me. It's easier when driving together - you can correct each other, there's less risk of making mistakes."

The athlete said that everything went smoothly and he and his teammate was driving the rest of the course together, until at kilometer 73, on a sandy descent, the wheel of the quad-bike got caught on a huge concrete block and rolled over.

"It threw me off the motorcycle as a passenger, but I fell very softly on the sand. It was more damage to the quad than last time, but I kept going. Then, after only a few more kilometers, the motorcycle died, the electricity was gone. We quickly decided to hang the towing rope and thus covered the remaining kilometers to the finish line", said M. Skudutis and added that if it wasn't for the roll over, today would be a perfect day.

At the finish line, Antanas Kanopkinas also did not hide his joy about another completed rally. True, the athlete mentioned that this time they failed to get on the podium: "We failed to get on the podium nine times in a row, but we are close. I am happy for Mindaugas that he has gathered a lot of experience. We also had a lot of accidents and had to make a lot of technical decisions, which increases our competences."

About today's stage, the athlete said that everything went like clockwork until M. Skudutis had an accident. True, it did not spoil the result - even after coming back towing each other, the athletes of the CFMOTO Thunder Racing Team team took the fourth and fifth places in the ATV classification, where as many as three dozen athletes started.



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