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Day four was finally calmer and almost uneventful for the CFMOTO Thunder Racing Team

The Dinaric rally, which has been going on for almost a week, does not spare difficult challenges for the quad racing team this year. On the very first day of the race, Antanas Kanopkinas withdrew from the race due to an accident. The following days the athletes had to deal with very difficult tracks and the resulting technical and navigational challenges.

The fourth day was finally calmer. The participants drove about fifty kilometers to the start, which was in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and although it doesn't seem like much, this direction opened up completely different race tracks.

"The speed section was about 250 kilometers and it was very different from Croatia - less rocks, more long fast sections. Due to yesterday's accident, I started in 46th position, so I had to pass a lot of bikes. I finished sixth, so overtook about 40 competitors with bikes throughout the course", Gaetan Martinez said and said that before the finish he noticed Mindaugas Skudutis riding behind him, although he started from a higher position. Teammates reached the finish line together.

"The speed section today was really fun and also fast, but it wasn't my day. I made maybe five navigational mistakes, which cost me 20-30 minutes. I was mad at myself for that, but in the second part I rode really, really fast, passed a lot of competitors and it all worked out in the end - the day was happily over. Regarding technical issues, I had a punctured tire, but I managed to fix it quickly", said M. Skudutis after the finish on Thursday.

Thursday was the first day of the marathon stage, which means that the mechanics could not repair or otherwise touch the racing equipment overnight into Friday. On Friday, the athletes will start already on the final day - here again a challenging course and extremely important kilometers await them.



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