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Day 3 in Tunisia for CFMOTO RACING TEAM: Everything goes according to plan

On Tuesday morning, the organizers of Fenix ​​rally announced that due to strong winds, the

first section of the day had to be replaced with another one, which was scheduled for

Thursday. As a result of this change, the total number of sports kilometers on this day has

been reduced by eighty. The CFMOTO RACING TEAM athletes, who took first and second

place in their class yesterday, stayed at the top of the leaderboard today, although they did

not hide that there were the extremely difficult and dangerous moments.

Antanas Kanopkinas, who finished first in the ATV class yesterday, said that everything was

fine today, and he followed the team tactics with his teammate Adomas Gančierius - they

rode together. First speed section was led by one and second by another athlete. This tactic

allowed the athletes to remain in high positions - A. Gančierius was first today, and A.

Kanopkinas was fourth, slightly less than two minutes behind his teammate. In the overall

quad standings, men share first and second places.

Memories hindered the smooth running

After completing both of today’s speed sections, the athletes said that the second, 131-

kilometer-long, speed section was difficult and sometimes even dangerous.

"It was very difficult to drive the second special stage, because last year I had a lot of

incidents and two crashes there. It was difficult to concentrate and think clearly while

driving in the same places, but I managed to finish successfully. "Everything is basically fine

and we are where we should be - the first two places in the overall leaderboard belong to

us," said A. Kanopkinas after the finish.

CFMOTO RACING TEAM rider Adomas Gančierius agreed with his teammate about the

difficulty of today's tracks and was glad that he managed to overcome them not only

successfully but also quickly: “The third day is really very successful. The tracks were very

fast, in the first section it was mostly pedal to the metal. There were very dangerous places

and turns in the second speed section. In many places it was not possible to drive through

corners at a high speed, because they turned in such a way that it was easy to get off the

track to the nearby rocks.”

The athlete also said there were many ditches not marked in the road book, but he was

happy with the successful finish and that ATVs stayed in one piece.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, a very long day awaits the participants - they will have to cover 252

sports kilometers and more than 200 kilometers in liaison. The composition of tomorrow’s

two speed stages, according to the information provided by the organizers, looks similar to

today. The first stage will have more than 70 percent of sand, and the second will meet

athletes with a hard surface. The first participants will start at about eight o'clock local time.



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