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Day 2 of Breslau Rally: everything went smoothly today

It‘s second day when more than two hundred motorcyclists, quads, SxS, cars and trucks are competing in the Breslau Rally in Poland. The CFMOTO Thunder Racing Team is among them, and they had an easy and successful day today.

On Tuesday, the competitors had to complete three special stages totalling 125 kilometres and, together with the liaisons in between, the athletes had to cover almost 200 kilometres of military training ground roads during the day.

After three stages of the day, Adomas Gančierius, who finished fourth among the quads according to the preliminary results, said that he had no unforeseen adventures on the track: "It was a successful day, without any incidents. We had a good race on the track with the strong Polish riders. I managed to get good results in all special stages and didn't make any navigational mistakes, but the second stage was not my favourite. It was more of a baja-type section with very high speeds. I lost a lot of time here, but it's okay and I think I will still be in a good position in the overall standings. The third section was actually about nothing - it was just a matter of going through the ruts."

The rider said that unlike the day before, the machinery was not as stressed today and the slightly cooler weather allowed him to go fast and concentrate less on monitoring the engine or belts temperature. Back in the bivouac, the mechanics will only have to carry out standard checks and the quads will be ready for the next day.

Antanas Kanopkinas, whose quad suffered an engine failure yesterday, continued his race today and arrived at the finish in the same optimistic mood: "All the stages were completed today. I had a good time in the first section of the day and in the second section I trusted the navigation of the other competitors. It cost a lot of time, but this is part of the game in Breslau. Here you have to go on your own and not rely on others. I knew this lesson, but the situation happened and I got on the same rake. The most important thing is that the finish is achieved."

The rider said that with the new CFMOTO engine, which was changed overnight, the quad is running well, and he was also happy with the result of his teammate A. Gančierius and hopes that he will keep up the pace until the rally finishes on Friday.

Tomorrow, the participants will have a 300-kilometre crossing to the next bivouac, and the start of the two special stages will start only at 3 p.m. Therefore, according to the participants, it is a kind of marathon day, which requires concentration and stamina, as well as the preservation of technique.

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