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CFMOTO Thunder Racing Team to Race in Greece: 'We Hope to Dance the Sirtaki'

This racing season is busy for the quad team, as summer approaches, the CFMOTO Thunder Racing Team riders will cross the starting arch for the third time this year. On May 27, the week-long Hellas Rally Raid will start in Greece, where the team will be represented by Antanas Kanopkinas and Gaetan Martinez.


"A very interesting week awaits. The important thing is that the track has changed a lot from the one planned by the organizers. We keep getting reports of heavy rains and water on the course. From that, of course, it only gets more interesting. Greece always welcomes you with amazing views and unique challenges. It seems that the upcoming start will also give us some adventures to remember", said A. Kanopkinas.


The numbers also testify to the week promising many adventures: a total of 306 participants will stand at the starting line, including 12 quad bikes, 42 SSVs and as many as 250 motorcycles. In seven days, the participants will have to cover more than 1,700 kilometers. The last days of spring will be one of the most difficult challenges, as the athletes will have a two-day marathon stage, during which they will have to solve the technical problems themselves.


"We are going to Greece to fight hard. We ourselves have improved dramatically. I made some bold decisions this year to lose weight and become even faster and have more endurance on the track. Now the main direction in which we are working with quads is also reducing the total weight", said A. Kanopkinas and hinted that the main goal of the competition remains the same as always - to successfully reach the finish line. "Unforgettable Greek views and sirtakis await. Only sirtakis, I hope we will dance after successfully crossing the finish line."



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