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CFMOTO RACING TEAM were riding in the canyons of Mars

The fifth day of the race took place at the Fenix ​​Rally in Tunisia on Thursday. After an

extremely difficult day yesterday, when the athletes not only had to overcome the

sandstorm, but also deal with the problems on the track, everything went much better


Both CFMOTO RACING TEAM athletes said that Thursday's track was extremely scenic - it

felt like riding in the canyons of Mars. Truth be said, organizers had already prepared scenic

routes for the participants on the days before - a couple of days ago the route stretched

through an artificial village, which was built for the filming of the "Star Wars".

Scenic route and high speed

"The speed stage of two hundred kilometers today was very diverse: there were both slow

and fast sections. Sometimes we felt like we were driving through the canyons of Mars. No

secret that during the first thirty kilometers I made several navigation mistakes, but later

concentrated and pushed to the maximum, ”said Antanas Kanopkinas after the finish.

The athlete was glad that he managed to get to the finish without any damage to ATV and

also achieved a great result. Also athlete told that after this stage it is needed to change

tires. The man came in second in the ATV standings, just seventeen seconds behind his

teammate. He also managed to widen the gap from his nearest French competitor by more

than two minutes.

"Of course, we have yet to see the official results, which will be announced the next

morning. So far, these are only preliminary results without calculating the fines, "A.

Kanopkinas explained.

Adomas Gančierius agreed with a teammate and said that while driving, the route looked as

if it were not on this planet: "The route stretched over mountains, hills, dry steppes - there

were a lot to see. The track was interesting and fun as well as fast. Efforts have had to be

made, especially with navigation in the plains, where all roads look the same and you have

to choose the right one."

The athlete managed to maintain a fast pace and avoid incidents, and according to

preliminary results, he remained the leader in his standings.

On Friday, the dunes will be waiting for the participants again, although the distance will be

much shorter - the athletes will have to cover only 145 kilometers, most of which will run

through the sand.



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