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CFMOTO Racing Team was stopped by an unexpected failure at race "Perimetras 4x4".

For the CFMOTO Factory Racing Team, the second day of the "Perimetras" competition was changing. In the first speed section, the team had to stop due to technical problems, but in the second part of the day they could already show maximum speed.

The tandem of Darius Biesevičius and Adomas Gančierius, representing the CFMOTO Factory Racing Team and competing in the SSV standings, continues to fight against the challenges presented by the organizers of the "Perimetras". On the first day, in the speed section of the prologue, the duo experienced two rollovers and complicated their position in overall standings, but then it became a gift to them that the results of the prologue were annulled due to a mistake in the road book, so on Thursday it all started with a clean slate. However, the second day of the competition provided unpleasant surprises - in the first stage of the day, the CVT belt of the buggy was torn. As if that were still small issues, there were more unforeseen problems when changing the belt. "This year, "Perimetras" does not allow us to relax. In the first speed section, the CVT belt exploded. We probably overheated it a bit. When replacing the belt, the screw that expands the CVT broke. We could no longer deal with the breakdown or finish, although we had done really well so far. During the break, the mechanics fixed the problem and we were already driving in the second speed section without any obstacles, without major navigation errors. Our preliminary result is the eleventh place in the class, we are really happy about it, ”said Adomas Gančierius.

Adomas Gančierius, who is usually racing an ATV, but this time did not start in the ATV class due to a hand injury, and sat next to Darius Biesevičius in the place of the co-driver, said that he was more and more empathetic to the role of a navigator. True, Adomas has read a road book in co-pilot before, but this is his first race in tandem with Darius Biesevičius. “Darius drives very sharp but with confidence. Sometimes there are places where I personally wouldn’t fly like that, but Darius drives to the maximum and most importantly does it accurately. Navigating was not easy for such a fast driver, and the speed sections are definitely not easy. Lots of difficult places, sandy hills, that’s what we both had to endure. The most important thing is that the vehicle is brought to the finish and is ready for tomorrow's start, "said Adomas Gančierius.



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