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CFMOTO Racing Team Started the Perimeter Race with Acrobatic Tricks

The third stage of the Lithuanian Baja Championship and Cup began in Varėna on Wednesday

and the CFMOTO Factory Racing Team also got off in in the famous SSV category. This time

the team has delegated one ATV crew for the race with an unusual composition, according to a

press release.

This time Darius Biesevičius and Adomas Gančierius represent the CFMOTO Factory Racing

Team in the Perimeter Race. They started here with the CFMOTO ZFORCE 1000 Sport buggy.

Although it is already common to see Darius Biesevičius behind this buggy’s wheel, Audronė

Kanopkinienė was replaced by Adomas Gančierius this time as his co-pilot. The four-wheeler

would have started in the ATV standings of the Perimeter Race, but the hand injury suffered in

Albania has made him reject this idea. However, the first ten kilometers of the prologue speed

sections were not the easiest for the crew. The duo even rolled over twice, but avoided injuries

ending only with the ‘scars’ of combat equipment.

“After a three-year break, I sat in the helmsman’s seat again, and the return was so memorable. A

‘roof’ happened in the prologue two kilometers after the start. We got out, rolled the buggy back

on the wheels. We felt like we were driving without one front axle. At the seventh kilometer, the

tie-rod end cracked and we rolled over on the roof again. The rollovers were pretty successful, so

everything is ok. It’s really harder for me to be in the co-driver’s seat in a buggy than behind an

ATV’s wheel, but I’ll get used to it soon,” said Adomas Gančierius.

Due to two rollovers in ten kilometers, the crew was qualitied last in the prologue, but Adomas

Gančierius does not dramatize the situation. There are still three more days of racing and more

than 350 kilometers ahead. According to Adomas Gančierius, the results of today’s prologue will

be annulled due to an error on the organizers’ part, so now the key is to prepare the buggy for

Thursday’s fight.

“There was a mistake in the road book where we rolled over, so the results will be cancelled.

And the mechanics will fix the buggy so we will continue our performance in the Perimeter

Race. Keep your fingers crossed for us. I hope that we have already used the rollover limit with

Darius and will not repeat the trick again,” said Adomas Gančierius.



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