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CFMOTO Racing Team changes its name and steps up to the higher level of competition

CFMOTO Racing Team changes its name

Just over a month ago, the CFMOTO Racing Team took home first and second places in the ATV standings from the rally in Tunisia, and ahead of the upcoming race in Andalusia, the ATV team announced another news: from now on, the team will be known as the CFMOTO Thunder Racing Team. The new name, according to the team members, was due to better recognition in social media and else.

The CFMOTO Thunder Racing Team consists of two racers: Antanas Kanopkinas and Adomas Gančierius, which has already shown excellent results in global competitions and has an ambitious plan for this year.

Promises to "shake things up"

The athlete said that the change of the team name was necessary for very simple reasons, as fans often get lost when looking for our team on social networks or the internet. Therefore, it was decided to separate it by giving unique name and bring clarity.

The man also said that the new team name was not chosen by accident: "Thunder suggests that we have already managed to shake up the scoreboards in a number of competitions, with much more to come. We're heading into the FIM, the international motorcycle federation, level and we're determined to ride for results and achieve the ambitious goals we set ourselves at the start of the season."

While last year the team was successful in finishing in high positions in various races, this year the riders have set themselves even more ambitious goals, with the riders saying their aim is to have more than 30 race days at the highest level competitions during the 2022 season. So far, this goal has been consistently followed, with seven challenging days of racing at the Fenix Rally in Tunisia, culminating in a podium finish.

Ahead of the rally, the team said it will be a good indicator of their level of preparation and the reliability of their equipment. With the good results, the next entry on the calendar is the Andalusian Rally in June. This is one of the rounds of the World Rally-raid Championship.

After that, it will be the Rallye Breslau in Poland and at the end of August, the athletes will say farewell to summer at the Dinaric Rally in the Dinaric Mountains. The season will culminate with the Balcan Offroad Rallye in Romania.



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