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„CFMOTO Factory Racing Team“ has embarked on a trip to the Fenix Rally in Tunisia„CFMOTO Factory

„CFMOTO Factory Racing Team“ entered the most remote competition in the history of the team. On Monday, part of the team, along with all the equipment, traveled to Italy, where they would board a ship to the shores of Africa after moving across the Mediterranean. The rest of the team will travel to Tunisia by plane. COVID-19 could not be avoided

According to the teams pilot and manager Antanas Kanopkinas, the coronavirus has affected the team`s composition going to Tunisia. One of the members of the media team will not travel to Africa due to the detected disease, but the team has a plan B - they will send videos to Lithuania via internet, so all CFMOTO Factory Racing Team

fans will have every opportunity to see the hottest moments from the Phoenix Rally. According to the team leader, COVID-19 is not expected to shuffle any more cards and the team will be able to concentrate on the race. The most important thing is that there are no more surprises. Racers have already taken the COVID-19 tests. They were negative. Other team members will also be

tested before the flight. Another test is waiting for them when they land in Tunisia, said Antanas Kanopkinas.

Six race days await The team brings two CFMOTO CFORCE 1000 ATV's and a solid amount of spare parts to the race. According to Antanas Kanopkinas, the race in the Sahara Desert in the Douz region will continue for six days. One of the days will be a marathon day where participants will not be able to get help from mechanics and will have to spend the night alone in the desert. Before leaving for Tunisia, we did the last technical tests. There were minor issues, but we’re glad they happened during the tests, not when we already started the race. I can say that we are ready to the maximum level. What awaits us there is hard to predict. The goal of the race is to understand how competitive we are in desert racing conditions. After this race, we hope to get even closer to the main goal of CFMOTO - the biggest and most important competitions in the world, such as Dakar, Silk Road and the like, said Antanas Kanopkinas.



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