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Balkan Rally completed: rally trophy and first place in the season standings

After a week of racing in Romania, the riders have reached the finish line. The CFMOTO Thunder Racing Team riders faced a wide range of challenges over the five days of racing, from ill health at the start of the race, to rollovers, flat tyres and natural hazards that made the race difficult. But the athletes, who have proven their abilities time and time again, have overcome all the challenges and one of them is taking home the title of overall quad winner for the season.

Speaking about Friday, Adomas Gančierius said that on the last day of the rally, he did not aim for the best result and drove at a safe pace: "No navigational mistakes - today was a simple day with no difficult situations. I had 150 kilometres to cover in total and I'm very happy to be at the finish."

He finished second in the Balkan Offroad Rallye in the ATV category behind his Polish rival, and fourth in the overall standings among all competitors. However, this position was enough for him to retain his first place in the RBI Grand Master Award trophy.

"The athletes we had to compete against throughout the season were really competetive, so this award proves that we are strong," said A. Gančierius, thanking the whole team for their work and dedication, as well as the partners who make it possible for him to race and achieve such high results.

Another CFMOTO Thunder Racing Team member, Antanas Kanopkinas, finished fourth overall in the annual standings and seventh among the quads in the Balkan Rally, and said that even on the last day of the rally, he was in fighting mode. "It was a good day, slippery, with lots of fog, but the fighting mode was on the entire time. There were a few mistakes, but I'm happy to be at the finish."

The athlete said that he was most happy for the result of his teammate and for the team as a whole, which successfully achieved its goals. A. Kanopkinas also mentioned that the team already has other sporting plans, which they promise to announce soon.



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