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ATV driver Adomas Gancierius overcame all challenges of Enduro Sprint race in Latvia

Enduro Sprint race was held on Saturday in Vidriži town, Latvia. CFMOTO Factory Racing Team participated in the mutual stage of Lithuanian and Latvian championships. This time the team was represented by one member Adomas Gancierius on his CFORCE 1000 ATV.

The race in Vidriži town connected Enduro Sprint championships of the two countries. For Latvians it was a third stage of national championship while a group of Lithuanians came to Latvia for their first fight of the season for positions and annual championship points.

Organisers offered the participants a 66 km long track. As usual for Enduro Sprint type race, there were speed sections in it - cross tracks of 3 km and 3,7 km filled with enduro elements were ready for the athletes.

There was also a number challenges in the passage crossways between speed contends. Here, the participants had to demonstrate not only orientational driving skills, but also maintain their focus. A few participants experienced various incidents here. For some, patching up a tire was enough while others had to withdraw from the contest altogether.

One of the Lithuanians Marius Kvetkauskas even needed a medical checkup after an unsuccessful jump on a trampoline in one of the speed contends; however, the athlete stayed in the race and managed to reach the finish line.

An overall of 18 participants participated in the ATV course of his contest. After an intense competition, the member of CFMOTO Factory Racing Team Adomas Gancierius settled in the 8th place of the final lineup, which is just over one minute behind the leader. However, in the Lithuanian championship course, the athlete was classified in the 5th position. After the finish, the racer driving CFMOTO CFORCE 1000 ATV expressed his satisfaction about the performance.

“I would like to invite absolutely everyone to participate in Enduro Sprints because you are always on your own in speed sections. You can only catch up with your competitor if he is slow yet other than that, there is nobody breathing into your back, so you can focus and drive at your own pace, which also means making less mistakes.

Speed contends were interesting today. One track was Enduro test, and another - cross test. Both tracks included slopes, uphills and trampolines. Passage crossways were also compelling - a few small bogs, which you can overcome easily through the surface. However, if it was raining, it would have been much more challenging.

The vehicles withstood the contest well, too. Though I managed to knock the fuel tank lid again and after coming to the finish line of the second lap, I saw that something is hanging under the ATV. At first, I thought it’s a branch, but it turned out to be a broken stabiliser. I did feel that ATV is a little bit loose and that was the reason. The CV Joint boot rubber was also torn, but these are only small details, which didn’t prevent me from reaching the finish line successfully”, said Adomas.

Mindaugas Skudutis was celebrating the victory in the ATV course of both, Lithuanian and Latvian stages. The second place was taken by Rokas Butavicius, who was only 0.6 seconds behind the leader, and the the winners’ podium step of the third place belonged to Paulius Vaisneideris.

Adomas Gancierius and other athletes of this type of sport will not have a lot of rest after this race as another stage of the Lithuanian Enduro Sprint is going to be held upcoming Saturday already. The athletes will meet at Kalvarija track this time.



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