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After the night stage of the Breslau rally - a worrying message from the CFMOTO Racing Team

After a night run at the Breslau Rally, the CFMOTO Factory Racing Team never had to rest long. The third day of the competition was waiting for them the next morning. Unfortunately, the buggy that showed the first issues after the night speed section gave the last breath today - Darius Biesevičius and Audronė Kanopkinienė's buggy engine broke down.

The night section of the Breslau rally was a real challenge for the crew of Darius Biesevičius and Audronė Kanopkinienė, who were racing in SSV class, as well as for the ATV pilot Adomas Gančierius and Antanas Kanopkinas, but the Lithuanians coped with this task of the organizers. However, the teams later had an unpleasant surprise - the buggy's technical problems started to appear, which eventually made the team think about the exit scenario.

"It looks like me and Darius will have to come to terms with the finish in Breslau. Yesterday, after a night speed section, something happened to one cylinder. A couple of kilometers to bivouac, we barely made it to the finish. The mechanics worked all night and tried to fix the engine. About six o'clock in the morning the engine turned over and we hoped we could race further. However, after the start today, giving some load on the throttle , after about two kilometers, the cylinder stopped working again. We turned around while the buggy was still going for a while, back to the main road to pick us up. We loaded the buggy on the trailer and that’s it. We don’t have the ability to fix the engine so we could continue racing. We will see if we can do something else, or we will have to come to terms with defeat, ”said Audronė Kanopkinienė, who explained sadly about the problems that had arisen only halfway through the competition.

At that time, Antanas Kanopkinas and Adomas Gančierius continued the race. By the way, due to the flooded rivers, one speed section was shortened, so the day for the participants was several kilometers easier.

"On the third day, there were 72 km left of 84 km. I started second, according to the results of the night speed section finish. I did well, but in one turn I hurt my hand again, slowed down. I saw Antanas and decided to drive to the finish line together. The ATV withstood, there are no big mistakes, so we will try to fight for higher positions, ”said Adomas Gančierius.

"We did really well in the night leg. We recorded a good result, but most importantly, we drove safely. Today we started at the very front. Arūnas Gelažninkas overtook us 10 km away. And we continued to drive safely to the finish. It was very difficult for Adomas, I didn't want to leave him, I sacrificed for him about half a minute from my total time , "added Antanas Kanopkinas.

After this day, the participants of the Breslau rally left the Drawsko Pomorskie military training ground and went to the surroundings of Gwda Wielka. A second bivouac will be placed here and the athletes will start the second half of the competition.

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