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After a successful sixth day of Rally Albania, there's only epilogue left for CFMOTO Factory Racing

The Rally Albania competition is coming to an end. Only one special speed section left. On the sixth day of the competition, the CFMOTO Factory Racing Team SSV crew - Darius Biesevičius and Audronė Kanopkinienė managed to improve their position and beat the rivals, and Antanas Kanopkinas has only the task to reach the finish. He remained last of the entire lineup in the ATV class.

After the finish of the sixth day, Antanas Kanopkinas claimed that the statement of the organizers of the Rally Albania competition about the most difficult race has been proven. Here, the participants did not have a single day after which they could say it was easy.

The sixth day of the race was no exception, but Antanas Kanopkinas made his life easier by asking the mechanics to put a new set of tires on his ATV.

"This day was realy good. After yesterday the tires wore out, we put on new ones today. And it paid off, because today we got wet roads, rain. If I had ridden with worn tires, I would hardly have reached the finish line. I’m glad we managed to save the vehicles today. Tomorrow, the only speed section remains and after that it will be possible to raise CFMOTO and Lithuanian flags high. All my opponents dropped out, so the most important thing for me now is to get to the finish line. This rally is very difficult. There were no easy days here. Whether the sun shined or rain fell it was equally bad, ”Antanas Kanopkinas shared his impressions.

SSV driver Darius Biesevičius claimed that the most important thing today was to bring the buggy to the finish with as little damage as possible . Although the racer does not expect an easy tomorrow, the pace and result of today is optimistic. Especially since there is very little left until the finish.

"Both of today's speed sections went well. The second was a bit slippery, dangerous, but quite fun. So much fun that we came first in the SSV class. There were no navigation or driving mistakes. The buggy is one piece. There is still tomorrow left. We will have overcome this test, "said Darius Biesevičius.

The tandem of Darius Biesevičius and Audronė Kanopkinienė managed not only to keep up the pace, but also to beat the opponents with her ZFORCE 1000 Sport buggy. And not one, but several. Finally, it turned out that Lithuanians were the fastest in the second part of the day.

"We had two speed sections today. The first was 120 kilometers. Very fast, long, straight and serpentines. Halfway through, we caught an SUV. He had a branch stuck in the wheel. We helped the crew pull that branch and then followed them. They kept a very good pace, so we drove together. The track was very wet, this SUV in front of splashed bogs and it was easier for us to pass them.

The second speed section was 35 km. We were determined that it would be short and easy. But everything was quite the opposite. It started to rain, it became slippery. There were a lot of navigation, maneuvers. There was a need for constant concentration.

But we managed to stay focused. We overtook four more SUVs. Fifteen kilometers to the finish, we caught up with the Can-Am buggy. We drove with him for about seven kilometers. Then we caught up with the Arctic Cat SSV. We overtook it and also overtook the Can-Am before the end of the speed section. We finished successfully, in the first place. We really got along very well. We are happy, ”said Audronė Kanopkinienė.

On the last day of the Rally Albania, called the epilogue, about 140 kilometers will be waiting for the participants, of which only 40 will be the speed section.



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