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A. Kanopkinas at the Breslau rally: "Today I will read a book in the bivouac"

The first sports day of the Breslau rally started and ended early - today the athletes had to cover 150 kilometers on the military training ground near the city of Zagane. The athletes of the CFMOTO Thunder Racing Team team were surprised that the sports day was so short and that there was so much time left for rest and preparation for the next start after the stage when they returned.


"The first day of the race is over. I made a tiny mistake that fixed quickly. It could have been done much faster, but basically it's no problem. I'm fine, the quad is fine, everyone is happy in the bivouac. Twelve o'clock in the day - I can't remember the last time we've been back from the stage so early. Now all I had to do was take a shower and go finish reading the book I had started. We have enough time for that today," said Antanas Kanopkinas with a smile about the first day's stage.


His teammate Gaetan Martinez said that even though the track was short, it was full of challenges: "Today's track was similar to last year, so some places were already familiar. The track has a lot of pits and fast sections. There was no lack of difficult navigational places. I also had to overtake slower drivers, so I had to drive in the dust for quite some time."


It is true that, although the sporting task was difficult, the team members reached the finish line without major problems. The official results have not yet been announced, but the athletes hope that they should be good enough. Tomorrow the participants are waiting for the track in the same place and again about 150 sports kilometers.



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