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A. Kanopkinas after Sunday's stage: "I feel really tired today"

The schedule of the Dakar included a rest day for the athletes on Saturday, and it was supposed to be a great opportunity for the mechanics to carefully check all the technical components and prepare the equipment for the second week of the race. Unfortunately, the 48h Chrono stage, which ended not according to plan, messed up the plans for the rest day as well.


The quad returned to the CFMOTO Thunder Racing Team base less than two hours before Sunday's start, so the mechanics only had time to make minor repairs and preparations. It was also a restless night for Antanas Kanopkinas, who, as he told before the start of the stage, was unable to sleep peacefully, constantly worrying and waiting for the returning quad.


Having covered almost 900 kilometers, 483 of which were the speed section, the athlete did not hide his fatigue: "It was a very long night and a very long day. Today was probably the second stage where I got really, really tired. Of course, the most important thing is that we are at the finish line, the quad is healthy, even without major repairs it continues to drive. Until tomorrow I need to recover, rest as much as possible and continue driving."


Despite the fact that the athlete had to start the Sunday stage almost restless, today A. Kanopkinas finished fifth in the quad standings, an hour and a half behind the leader. On Monday, the athletes will have a slightly shorter day: they will have to cover a total of 678 kilometers, of which 458 will be a speed section. The organizers said that this day will be easier, but at the same time warn that part of the route will consist stones.



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